Current Location: Uvita, Costa Rica

Current Home: Uvita, Costa Rica

Introducing Me


Photographer.  I love working with natural light. It means I'm not restricted to being in one place. This means I can capture your moments for you wherever you are. Check out my collection.

Blogger.  A 4ft squared box of journals remain in a well-kept space, filled with adolescent embarrassments and uninhibited thoughts. Now, I blog. It's much safer, but just as I do behind the lens, behind the computer screen there's a confidence that shows in my words.  I take you through my journey of minimizing to maximizing; my travels; and my new remote lifestyle.  Enjoy.

Consultant.  Focusing on start-ups and small businesses, I work to analyze your current state of business across all departments in order to provide customized productivity enhancements. Coming Soon.

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