12 Pubs of Christmas

This post is short and sweet, and mostly a shout out to all the wonderful people I met in Dublin who really made me feel a part of the family and although it was a short time together I still miss them till this day!

Dec 23rd:

After breakfast in the hostel, we checked out and headed to the Dublin airport where we said goodbye to Saskia.

A short stop at home to eat lunch, take a nap, and shower.  We headed to Baggot street in Dublin city to meet Lorcan’s college friends for their annual 12 pubs of Christmas night.  It usually begins at a Mediterranean restaurant.  A fixed menu and an option to bring your own wine.  We then headed to Smiths bar a block away and I was on to the hot whiskeys once again!  Something about the lemon and cloves (and whiskey!) that just clears the sinuses!

In a drunken haze we wound up in the city center at another bar, which only lasted a short while before it was time to head out.  The buses seemed to only come every hour and a half or so, so we swallowed the cost of a taxi back to Celbridge.

The taxi driver was from Nigeria, where apparently the largest Guinness brewery outside of Dublin was located.  I asked him how he liked it here and he said:

“sometimes it rains sometimes it doesn’t…it’s lovely”.



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