57 Dresses

One of the easiest things to purge are your clothes.  Relatively easy.  Don’t get me wrong, you still go through them one by one coming up with different made-up occasions that you could wear it to.  You even have your wedding-material dresses that you’ve never worn because you always resort back to that one cute black dress with a little wiggle room for those buffet dinners and open bars!

Sometimes you do a little spring cleaning.  A quick purge of the closet.  Invite all your girlfriends over, have some wine and cheese, and watch them ‘ooohhhh’ and ‘aaahhh’ over your wasteful purchases only to suddenly feel this sense of longing as they slip on your party shirt you wore at your favourite concert.  Wait!  Maybe I DO still want that shirt?


Why do we get possessive over clothes?!?!  Why not let someone else find enjoyment in them?  You didn’t even remember that they were there until you couldn’t stuff any more items in to your drawers!

And then suddenly you find yourself with 4 pairs of black leggings of basically the same length that serve the exact same purpose.


How many of you can relate so far?  I’m sure most, at one point or the other.  Personally, my clothes have always been tiny, so much so that I can fit probably 50 tanks/t-shirts/tops in one dresser drawer.  And just like that, out-of-sight out-of-mind.  More like, out of sight, waiting to drive me out of my mind!  Like when I’m looking for my plain black t-shirt.  Ever try to find your tiny plain black t-shirt in a drawer FULL of clothes?  Only to find yourself going through your laundry basket, your other drawers, the bathroom hooks, and then try to remember if you gave it away.  Then go back to the same drawer and find it in the back hiding.  And then you decide to wear something entirely different.  What a waste of time.

Because my body hasn’t changed much in say the last 10 years, and I generally take care of my things, it’s been tough to make decisions on what to keep and what to let go of.  But it came to a point where I was getting so frustrated that I started literally wearing the same things all the time!  It was too stressful to try to find something in the heaps of clothes.

I am making myself sound like a hoarder.  But I’m really not.  My place is not cluttered, I don’t shop that much, and I have less pairs of shoes than the average woman.  It’s just that, for me, it feels like unnecessary stress.

It feels like it’s stopping me from accomplishing things in my life.

Sounds weird I know.  Why not just tuck it back in the closet and out of sight?  Maybe it’s the 26 moves, or watching my parents move to another continent.  I don’t know.  I just know it’s all there still haunting my precious breathing space.

So on my journey to minimalism I decided the first thing I would do is an inventory.  An honest-to-goodness account of every single piece of clothing and pairs of shoes that I own.  Down to the bedroom slippers and every pair of socks.  It took me an hour and a half.  True to my nature, it all went in to a spreadsheet and broken down by as many categories as I could.

Are you ready for your jaw to drop?

Current Items Amount
Bathing Cover Ups 2
Bathing Suits 9
Belt 1
Blazers 3
Bras 15
Cardigans 7
Cover up Sweaters 8
Dresses 57
Formal Pants 9
Gym Bottoms 5
Gym Bras 4
Gym Tops 7
Hat 1
Jackets 14
Jeans 6
Jersey 2
Jogging/Comfy Pants 8
Leggings 4
Long Sleeved Shirts 19
Long Socks 21
PJs 4
Shoes 32
Short Sleeved Shirts 14
Short Socks 21
Shorts 5
Skirts 8
Sleeveless Shirts 16
Stockings 6
Summer Outfit 1
Sweaters 19
T-shirts 12
Tank Tops 10
Underwear 28



I couldn’t believe it, yet at the same time it made sense.  I asked my boyfriend to do the same and I think he was also a bit shocked at his number.

Although, it was a whopping 154 items.  Whoopty-doo.

I remember watching the documentary Minimalism, (if you haven’t already please do, it’ll change how you feel about anything material) and thinking I can do that!  There was one woman who partook in a project to wear only 33 items for 3 months.  It’s called Project 333, and ‘3’ is coincidentally my lucky number.  (Lucky in the way that a 7 year old says that’s my lucky number and then it just stuck my whole life.  Who knows what luck 3 is bringing me but at 3:33 every day I make a wish lol)

Off on a tangent sorry.  Kind of like what happens when I’m frantically searching for something to wear on a night out.

Anyway, I can’t do Project 333 just yet, but that documentary and many other reasons is why I embarked on this journey.  At some point you just have had enough!  378 is just too much.

I mean, who needs 57 dresses?  That is absolutely insane.

I’m sure my mother is in awe right now reading this.  She always wanted me to wear more dresses.  And here I was, with 57, and I probably wear about 5 on the regular.  15 bras?  I 100% only wear 3.  You know what I mean.  The black, the beige, and the other plain one that goes with everything.  9 bathing suits?  I wish I went to the beach that much!  Don’t get me started on my socks.  Why in the world do I have a grand total of 42 pairs? LOL

So now that I know what I’m working with here, I set a goal of reducing it to 1/3 of what it is now.  That’s a total of 126 items I am allowing myself at the end of…

Phase 1: The Blackhole Known as my Closet.

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