A Pint of Gat

December 30th:

Oh I’m sorry, were you expecting me to stop talking about Guinness?

A pint of gat – another word for Guinness.

As I write this I am craving one, wishing I had kept my promise to myself to keep my blog in as close to real time as possible, so that I would be at a pub in Ireland sipping on a Guinness, writing about Guinness, dreaming about Guinness, sharing a Guinness cheers, Guinness…Guinness…Guinness…

I couldn’t be in Ireland without a day in Dublin with my Irish Love.  So on the day before New Years Eve he took me on a tour – Dublin through his clover (and just so happen to be green) eyes.

First stop – St. James’s Gate: Guinness Brewery.  

I’m not one to enjoy tours or art galleries or museums really.  I know, shocking.  I appreciate that each place has a history and when I do hear facts here and there I do find them to be very interesting and it does enhance my experience in a new place.  However, it is not what sticks with me.  What sticks with me is experiencing a place.  The tastes, the sounds, the people, the conversations, the food, the music – this is what I remember.  So the Guinness Brewery in fact, gave me a bit of history and A LOT of experience!

We entered the brewery and went through the first two or three floors of ‘museum’ where the process was described.  We learnt why there’s so much head on a Guinness and why it is different from your average beer.  We learnt about how genius it was of Arthur Guinness to sign a 9000 year lease of the brewery grounds!

After discovering the 10 steps of the brewing process, we were ready for step 11:

The best part of the tour was traveling to the 360 restaurant at the top where we enjoyed a pint!  Nothing like having a good hearty Guinness for breakfast!

Slainte (pronounced: slancha)!

We spent the rest of the day walking around the Dublin streets, many of which I had walked on a few days before, but this time alongside an excited Irishman who was proud to show me the streets of his favourite city!

We visited the famous Brazen head – known as the oldest pub in Ireland.

Now, saying anything is the oldest of anything in Ireland means it’s VERY old.  Not like in Canada, where we can’t describe anything as old in front of any European.  The Brazen head dates back to 1198.  Imagine that!




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