Phase 3 & 4: Reboot & Feeling Boombastic

I decided to skip the furniture phase.  Although it was an important and very time-consuming phase, it wasn’t as meaningful I think as the others.  Which goes to show how much material things don’t really impact your life the way you think.  Sure, that was my I’m-graduating-from-IKEA couch and those electric salt and pepper shakers really did give this luxurious feel to cooking, but letting it go didn’t really stir any real emotions.

I kept some tiny items.  Some kitchen tools I’ll likely forget about the moment I leave, and 2 bar stools that I’ve been holding on to for ages.  All things that can easily fit in to a tiny box and is now sitting at a farm in Ontario – along with my many childhood journals – with a trusted friend whom I told to write on the box “Belongs to Natasha Pirani, if she should die, burn it”!

Now that I’ve rid of most of my possessions it was time to move on to the digital purge.  It’s not something I thought of doing when making my minimizing phases, but it came to me as I started to receive over 50 emails a day that consisted of mostly Facebook updates, forwards, coupons, and many emails from sites or pages I joined in order to aid the minimizing process.  Pure advertisements of course, and although it was mostly just annoying to delete every day, it was also the odd email that would capture my attention and suddenly I’d find myself interested in very unnecessary items.

I wanted to rid of all that noise, so that when I opened my inbox, it would be just what was important to me.  So I proceeded to de-clutter.  One unsubscribe after another and each click made me feel more free!  You think you’re going to miss that one amazing coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond, but realistically, if you’re trying to be somewhat of a minimalist than you’re not missing anything at all!

The result?  With all the clearing of unwanted digital noise, it left more time to do one of our favourite things – listen to music together. So I leave you with this….feeling….boombastic….which clover will surely kill me for secretly capturing!

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