Be Careful What You Wish For! Or not…

When things work out perfectly in life, I always get a little skeptical.  I believe in balance and so when things seem too good to be true, it feels like something’s off.  However, what I didn’t realize, is this thought process was flawed.  It really simply comes down to your outlook.  How you view the downs, or the ‘not-so-perfect’ moments, is what matters.  I thought that I didn’t recognize the downs, but I did, I just fit it in to what I believed was ‘perfect’. So…I will say confidently and proudly…the universe truly did align PERFECTLY.

So it seems we are moving to Costa Rica!  I didn’t believe it at first…I still don’t fully believe it.  Clover’s Mom didn’t believe it when we were originally going to Guatemala:

But it’s happening – and we MADE it happen!

As communication increased while Clover was being introduced to his future position there was talk of accommodations and food – which would be included for him (and by association, I’ll have a roof over my head too!).  As you can imagine though, living on a festival site for 2 months would be maybe more of a change than we were expecting.  So it was mentioned that we would have a few nights here and there at a partner yoga retreat centre.  I’ll take it!

Remember in my last post when I mentioned my determination to get us to Costa Rica?  I had reached out and emailed a few places to find work in the area.  Well, one day at dinner a few weeks after we heard about the festival position, I got an email back!  It was for a Front of House Assistant position at a yoga retreat.

Here’s the punchline: it just coincidentally happened to be the same yoga retreat centre we would spend a few nights at!!!  Are the stars aligning or what?

Fast forward a couple weeks, and here I was accepting a position at a yoga retreat centre that is now going to provide (upgraded) accommodations for both Clover and I! It’s a 20-min drive to the festival site, and the two companies are tied very closely.

A month ago we had no prospect of jobs, no clue what country we would travel to, let alone live in, and suddenly we both had jobs and accommodations.  But the best part was that both these companies PERFECTLY stood for all the things we wanted to incorporate in our lives.

Stay tuned to hear why!

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