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When we first decided we were going to make a big life change, we didn’t know just how big it was going to be, but we were excited nonetheless.  As we are both very fond of traveling, it was no surprise that before we settled anywhere new that we had to explore a little first.

On our first date Clover and I spent a couple hours talking about all our travels.  I think it’s what ignited a spark between us.  We had both been to 23 countries!

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As you can see, we have traveled to very different parts of the world and so we were able to exchange all sorts of stories, and we can’t wait to show the other places that really touched us.

My parents are from East Africa, and in 2012 they made the very brave move back after not having even visited for 44 years!  They now reside in Nairobi.  This, of course, provided much inspiration to make a change for myself as well.  So we decided we would start there – with a small support system that we know would go a long way in settling somewhere entirely new for both of us.

However, as I had never been to Central or South America, and hadn’t really traveled in awhile (one week vacations at all-inclusive resorts do not count!) we decided to start our journey there.  We settled on Guatemala.  Clover spent a month there learning Spanish and absolutely loved it.

So the research began in the summer (2017) and it turned out that we knew a few people who could help us find our way.  So instead of gallavanting, which we couldn’t afford to do, we were going to find a bit of income to support ourselves, which is how 1 month turned in to 6 months.

One day when we were at a buskerfest in Toronto Clover was reminded about a festival he had been following on facebook for years, that took place in Costa Rica.  Not too far from Guatemala and we both hadn’t experienced anything like it, so why not???

When we got home I was going through the website and found this link:

ding ding ding!!! I clicked on it and under the Job Opportunities section there was ONE posting: Financial Controller.  As I read through the description I couldn’t believe how much Clover’s skills and experiences, AND personality were perfectly in line with what they were looking for.  It was one of those dream jobs that you think ‘why bother applying, the whole world will be applying’.  But, we thought there wasn’t anything to lose.  We spent 5 hours putting our heart and soul in to a beautiful cover letter and resume.  Hit send, and put it in to the universe (known in this case as the world wide web) and hoped for the best.

As time went on our research shifted to Costa Rica.  I always heard about how lovely it was, but never gave it a second thought because it was relatively more expensive than the other countries in Central America.  But there was something now about this place that was calling us, I could feel it.

Weeks went by and we thought about the position every single day.  We had to plan for other possibilities but in our hearts we were very much set on this festival – it just had a little bit of everything we wanted to incorporate in our lives.  The music, the permaculture, the art, the community, the people – the experience.

In the mean time, Clover was encouraged to go after a promotion at work and this caused a twist in our plans!  But we had to see it through as we were still unsure what 2018 would look like for us.  In the evening of the very day he had his interview for the promotion, he received an email back from the festival.  A month after we applied, he was asked for a video call to discuss the opportunity!!!

The feeling from receiving the email brought our spirits so high.  I hadn’t been that happy and that excited in so long, and it didn’t even matter if it were to work out.  What mattered was the response in itself.  We knew now that we had what it took to be considered for a dream job!

In case you are wondering why I refer to it as a dream job, let me fill you in on a little section called working conditions on the description that was posted.

Primarily will be working remotely throughout the year. Presence is required onsite at Festival in Costa Rica for a minimum duration of January 17th – March 15th.

For two people who are looking to work remotely, and find our paradise, this couldn’t have been more perfect.  Even the arrival date was exactly what we were planning for.

So now we were motivated to find a way to spend some time in the most environmentally advanced and happiest place in the world (according to the World Economic Forum’s Happy Planet Index in 2016).  So I began reaching out to several retreats, hostels, facebook groups and pages for any kind of work or workaway programs; focusing on the general area of the Festival in case that panned out.

The promotion didn’t work out in Toronto, but it was just as well, because a week later my amazing Clover received word that he was selected to fill the position as Accountant for the Festival!!!

Sleep was not to be had that night!!!  We developed this cute way of expressing our excitement over the last little while.  We lay in bed, head face down on pillow, and laugh as loud as we possibly can.  Using all our glorious joyous energy to help calm down, before we can start to appreciate what has just occurred.

This had to be done twice 🙂

Stay tuned for how this story unravels….as the dreams keep rolling in!




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