Getting Lost & Taking Selfies in Dublin

December 27th:

It’s that time in our lives when everyone around us is getting married, having babies, and building homes.  There seems to be at least 3 weddings a year!  With Clover being from Ireland, myself from Canada, and family all over the world, it’s near impossible to attend all the celebrations!

So when it turned out that a stag (bachelor) was scheduled for when we were visiting Ireland, there was no way Clover could turn it down!  So while he ventured off to Kilkenny for an overnight stay with his closest hombres, I decided to have a night off to myself in Dublin.  Do the tourist things, get lost, take selfies, talk to myself, and enjoy a day on my own.

So I did just that!  I got a ride in to town from Clover’s Dad and walked straight to a cafe with an outdoor patio to sit nestled up in my winter jacket, sipping fresh coffee and people watching.  Within minutes I spoke to 2 different people.  Dubliners, and Irish people in general, are so friendly!  I have yet to meet a shy person!

The city is cute just like any European city I’ve visited, but it has a uniqueness about it.  It was hard to put my finger on it at first.  Maybe it’s the sheer amount of bars, or the endless amounts of pedestrian streets, or the music that filled the street each time a restaurant door opened.  Then I realized, it was the Guinness!  (just kidding, not really).

It’s true what they gloat about, the Irish that is.  The Guinness really does taste different in Ireland.  I sat at a pub (on the patio of course) and enjoyed yet another tasty ‘real’ pint of Guinness and made a few new friends who all seemed to be on a stag or a hen (bachelorette) outing of some sort.

I visited Trinity College and tried to imagine what it would have been like to go to school there.  I walked through the famous Temple Bar and took the very unique selfie in front of the pub.  I ate Irish stew, walked the cobble stone walkways, and listened to live music on the streets.  I did as you do, on your own, while in Dublin.  Then took a taxi back to the hostel in Smithfield and crawled in to bed early in my 6 bunk room.  Couldn’t sleep, so ventured out for a hot whiskey or two, till I eventually turned in for the night.

Dublin – I’ll be back.

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