Ah all the goodbyes.  Toronto seems to have me coming back over and over again, which really makes all the goodbyes more like ‘see you later’.  I am grateful to the friends who have attended my farewell parties, all 3 of them, and still made it to the 4th.  Thank you for your commitment!

This time however, the goodbye felt a little more real.  It wasn’t about changing jobs or going to a different university.  This time it was a complete lifestyle change that was also pulling us away from the country for what could be a very extended period of time.  It was about doing something wildly different than anyone that was in our daily lives – and sometimes that means a worry of losing touch.  So it was a different kind of farewell this time.

So in November and December we did the rounds, and it was bittersweet on so many levels.  We said goodbye to work, to old friends and new friends, to restaurants we loved, bars we frequented, and even took a trip to Montreal.

This post is a tribute to all of those people who we grew close with in Toronto and especially to those we know will be there when we return – and even if we don’t!




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