Shamrock Christmas

Dec 24th:

Ah Christmas Eve.  The beginning of a few days of eating, sleeping, drinking, and sitting by the fire in our joggers. The table had been set for a few days, with all the décor necessary to make it a very traditional Christmas.  The fireplace seemed to be on for most of the afternoons and evenings.  I added our one and only ornament on the tree.


Despite having been through the process of minimizing, there’s something about this time of year that still gets me!  I love to give gifts.  It’s more about the look on their faces when it’s something super thoughtful, than the act of buying something material for someone.  As we were going to be in Ireland this year I was happy to not spread myself too thin on the thoughtful gift department.

Dec 25th:

On Christmas Day we opened all the gifts, even before all the brothers and nephews and nieces came over.  I guess no one wanted to wait!  I was gifted a nice surprise gift from Lorcan (we said we weren’t doing gifts!!! Guess he didn’t believe me) that will be super useful on the journeys ahead of us.

Dinner was a delicious, traditional turkey and ham spread with mashed potatoes and gravy.  I’ve been used to turkey dinners but the ham was a first for me and I have to say quickly became my favorite. We took this opportunity to let the family know about our new business and our new blog.  For those who had never seen our blog name it was fun to introduce it.  But before we could get to explaining:

“…so when we asked my Uncle what we should call our blog, he immediately said Clover and Curry” and this is when we usually pause for the expected laughter.  Being that Lorcan is Irish and I am Indian, it truly is a funny name!  However, the immediate reaction was

“it’s not a Clover!  It’s a Shamrock!”.

True to her Irish heritage, there would be no budging on what the blog should really have been called.  Sadly, it’s too late to change it, and Shamrock and Curry just didn’t flow well, but I will always remember this moment.

In the evening after dinner we finally had all the boys in the same house!  As they hadn’t been together for 5 or 6 years for Christmas – family portraits were in order, courtesy of their new resident photographer (who made it to the family album I might add!).  We opened more gifts, ate more dessert, and they caught up while Lorcan’s little niece entertained me with introductions to his other girlfriends (I was happy the competition was her doll collection)!

It was a perfect Christmas – the kind where you sat around getting to know each other, collecting fun and cute memories.  At night his parents were watching Notting Hill (very typical of this time of year).  Right before the scene where the man realizes he’s made a mistake by letting the woman go, as is the script in every romantic movie ever, and runs off on a chase with his entire family to find her, Clover’s Dad turns to his Mom and I to say “this is my favourite part”.

I’ll end here, as there are no words to explain how adorable that moment was!






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