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A Pint of Gat

December 30th: Oh I’m sorry, were you expecting me to stop talking about Guinness? A pint of gat – another word for Guinness. As I write this I am craving one, wishing I had kept my promise to myself to keep my blog in as close to real time as possible, so that I would…

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Shamrock Christmas

Dec 24th: Ah Christmas Eve.  The beginning of a few days of eating, sleeping, drinking, and sitting by the fire in our joggers. The table had been set for a few days, with all the décor necessary to make it a very traditional Christmas.  The fireplace seemed to be on for most of the afternoons…

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12 Pubs of Christmas

This post is short and sweet, and mostly a shout out to all the wonderful people I met in Dublin who really made me feel a part of the family and although it was a short time together I still miss them till this day! Dec 23rd: After breakfast in the hostel, we checked out…

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The Wild Atlantic

As we have been behind in our blogging, I thought adding some dates might help!   Dec 18th: Just added another terrible sleep to the list this week, but was happy to have woken up at ‘home’.  Luggage took its sweet time but it was now in Ireland!  Saskia was nice enough to hop on the…

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An Island Awaits Us

Our story continues….this post is from December – enjoy! I woke up just the same as I have every day the last few weeks.  No real thoughts, just actions.  There hasn’t been a lot of time for thinking as we have never been so busy in our entire lives. But this morning was a little…

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